Multi Cyclone Dust Collector


The multi cyclone dust collector, industrial dust collector supplied by us is ideal for removing particulate from in-plant air efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Available in customized ranges these are also packaged as per the client requirements. Our flawless gamut of dust collector like industrial dust collector and cyclone dust collector finds application for: 
• woodworking 
• boilers 
• powder coating 
• metal dust 
• chemical & pesticides 
• plastics 
• foundry 
• carbon processing 
• grain handling 
• cement 
• the dust-laden air enters into the cyclone tangentially 
• the force of the centrifugal shifts the particulate against the cone wall, out of the air stream, to a storage area 
• this way the clean air exhausts out of the cyclone
Some of its salient features include the following: 
• the design of the dust collectors integrates a helix into the inner cylinder 
• the cylinder minimizes inlet turbulence that is common 
• accelerates the creation of the centrifugal airflow 
• a greater centrifugal airflow improves the separation of particles 
• also boosts the collection efficiency. 

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